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I first saw this 400-A some 35 years ago. The owner had purchased the car (with no title) from a junk yard in western Nebraska in September 1961. It was repainted in the 60ís, with some attempts at restoration. The entire oak sub frame was replaced at that time. The car was never driven, and remained in storage until February 2012. Many parts were missing including a head and cowl lights, door handles, wiper, luggage rack. Additionally, some parts were not correct for the convertible sedan and had to be replaced. The chassis and running gear needed and received an overhaul. After much elbow grease and polishing, the car is in very presentable condition. The goal was to have a mechanically sound, complete car that could be driven every day, and on the road by Memorial Day 2012... it happened! Lew and Sally Kingdom Boulder, CO

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