Brent & Johannah Holleran

(715) 385-9238

just purchased Body #333 400A, a 1931 Model from Mr. Harold Rickles of North Rose, NY. This automobile is notable for the many national awards it has received in the past, including two Henry Ford Awards by MARC, Senior Grand National and chocolate Town Awards by AACA as the Best Restoration in 1986. In addition, the Best of Show at the MAFCA-MARC World Meet in 1986. The car today with 200 miles recorded remains as it was 20 years earlier but the real wonderful thing is because of a Model A Ford, two complete strangers came together, transacted a change of ownership and departed complete friends. My hope is to bring this outstanding car to the next combined MAFCA-MARC National Meet for all to see how good stewardship can preserve these treasures.

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