Byron & Jean Hight

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My antique car resume goes back over 50 years, starting with Model T's in the wheatland of northwestern Kansas driving a '21 T roadster as my first car. Since that time, I've been playing with T's for over 50 years and have a yard full of them to prove it including a 1921 Centerdoor. My wife Jean wished for a more "modern" car, so recently I bought her an 'A', so that she can enjoy driving her own car on club rallies. Being a rare car enthusiast, I've been around A's enough to really appreciate the A400 which we found on the east coast. We took delivery in January, 2013 and were delighted in the condition of the rust-free body, the beautiful interior and bright work, and no bends or wrinkles in the sheet metal... an excellent base to build from. Both of us are excited about our new adventure. One of the areas of interest will be to learning the art of woodgraining which I have had my restorers apply to past '40 Ford restorations, but now we want to learn to do it ourselves. The restoration work is being performed at my friends shop in Wheatland CA, approximately 200 miles from my home. Our other interests include riding our motorcycles and flying. We have a 1934 Waco YKC airplane, a Porche 928, a Pantera and a '65 TVR Griffith 400, one of the fastest Ford powered cars at that time which we both enjoy driving.

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1921 Model T