Alan & Rhonda Hale


"I purchased an A400 from Maine in February this year (2005) and have had it shipped to Sydney Australia. Only days ago I picked the car up and now have it here at my home in Wyee, about an hours drive north of Sydney. The car has been restored some time ago, I'd say a long time ago, the previous owner couldn't give much history on the car other than owning it for ten years or so. The body number is 4318, I have searched through the A400 group body numbers I could find from MAFCA restorer magazines but haven't been able to track it to any of those. I also own a 1928 phaeton, a 1928 tudor and a 1930 deluxe roadster. The A400 has been on my wish list for some time, and I still can't believe I have one in my garage. If there is a membership of the A400 group available could I please join in as information on this car seems quit rare. Over the next twelve months I will be undertaking a complete restoration of the car and I am sure I will have some questions to ask someone. I am a member of the Model A Ford club of New South Wales here in Australia and also a member of MAFCA in the US. There are only 3 other A400's in Australia that I know of, one restored in Mackay in Queensland, one as a hot rod in Victoria and another destined to be a hot rod in NEW South Wales."

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