Joseph Gensley

(707) 282-9057

It all started when we were in Breckenridge, Co. on the 1995 High Country Tour. My wife, Lois, spotted a picture of a yellow 400a that was for sale on a bulletin board. The owner, Charlie Viosca of the Dallas Chapter, did not bring the car to the meet, only the picture. It was already sold, but Charlie took Lois' number "just in case". "Just in case" happened, and they worked out a deal over the phone. The 400a was shipped to Woodacre, Ca. and we received it on Sept. 20, 1996. So, this is where I come in. I'm the principle driver and mechanic. The car was not up to touring standards, so I went completely through the drive train, including a new inserted motor and a Mitchell overdrive. The appearance of the car was fine, except for a rotten windshield frame and a funky trunk rack, which wouldn't tighten because of some wooden blocks used as spacers. After I went through the car, we used the 400a almost exclusively, and our 28 tudor sat at home. We have been to parts of Canada and many western states and thoroughly enjoy the car. A few years ago we earned a MAFCA 5000 mile award, which is not easy to do. Lois calls her 400a Miss Bumble Bee. This car appears in the May/June 1985 Restorer Magazine, page 24, along with other 400a's. She has many accessories and draws a crowd. In February this year I decided to correct a major flaw in the car. Someone in the past installed the body on a 1930 frame and mostly 1929 running gear. I didn't spot this the first few months, but it always bothered me afterward. So, I located a good 1931 frame, with the proper hole spacing and outboard brackets, and switched the body over to the new frame this year. While I had her apart, I installed a Mitchell synchronized transmission, and refurbished most of the undercarriage. I just purchased a Mullins trailer kit, which I'm putting together. We plan to drive to Boston in 2006 to the MAFCA National meet and will do some trailer camping on the way with other Model A's. Joe Gensley, Gra-Neva

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