Ric & Billie Bonnoront

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We both were born and raised in Southern California. I am a second generation Chula Vista native living in the Bonita area and Billie was born in Alhambra and moved to Chula Vista at a young age. We met in 8th grade and the rest is history. I graduated from USC School of Pharmacy with a PharmD in 1967 and my wife worked as a RDA, chairside assistant, in Endodontics in Dentistry.My love for the Model A began at age 10 on my Grandfathers citrus orchard. There was a 1930 AA stake bed truck. I got to drive the truck in the orchard at age 10 and thus began the learning of the double clutching and all the other quirks of the Model A. Fast forward to 1992, I purchased my first "A", a 1931 Sports Coupe and now I was hooked. Upon visiting my friend Webb Smith's barn, also a A-400 owner, I noticed a car under a cover which proved to be a partially restored A400. Webb had purchased it from Joe E. Clary of Anaheim, CA in 1977 who had previously purchased it from Robert Lee of Newport Beach, Ca in 1975. It had originally been a parts car for another A-400 and Webb had spent years looking for the parts to make it whole again. After many years of trips to Hershey and purchases from Hemming's he had managed to get what he needed. I talked him into selling it to me and one year later, 1996, it was completed. My wife and I enjoy touring with our Model A club in San Diego. In 2011 San Diego hosted a MARC national meet and I was talked into entering the touring class judging in which I took highest point car in that class. Afterwards, the car was featured on the cover and MARC Showcase article inside of the November-December 2011 Model "A" News magazine... what a honor. My wife and I are retired, she is into vintage clothing and gardening and I am a amateur winemaker and have since acquired two more cars, a 1939 Ford Convertible and A 1941 Plymouth Woodie so our days are full.

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1941 Plymouth Woodie