Earl & Martha Fairbanks


After graduation in 1962 from Purdue University with a degree in Industrial management, I married my college sweetheart, Marty. We set off for El Paso Texas for a two year commitment to the Army. We returned to Indiana with our year old son. I joined a mid-sized corporation as a sales engineer. After completion of training, we were sent to the New York City area for five years where I sold capital equipment to the foundry and manufacturing industries. We were fortunate to start our own retail business selling swimming pools and equipment, patio furniture, and artificial Christmas trees and decorations. We enjoyed sailing vacations in the Virgin Islands, and in 1982 we purchased a 38 foot ketch in Rhode Island, and sailed it to the Caribbean. For the next 18 years we had the pleasure to spend our off seasons sailing the islands. Sailing ended with age, loss of agility, and the effect of several hurricanes on our nerves. We coasted into retirement, and on a short vacation to the Smoky Mountains we fell in love and found a special place in the world to retire. We now have a power boat on one of the TVA lakes nearby. After meeting some local fellows who are interested in Model A's, I decided to purchase a restored 1931 Victoria which popped up on e-Bay. I so enjoyed refining and upgrading the Vicki to prepare her for touring, I couldn't resist buying a 30 Cabriolet which needed more work than the Vicki. That presented another problem. I needed more garage space. To solve that problem, I built a 30'x36' garage on an adjoining lot. We joined the MAFCA national Tour on the Blue Ridge Parkway in May of 2013 and met the nicest people. We were both really "hooked". Some of these new friends said you must see Roy Frost's collection of cars, so in July 2013, another Model A friend and I went to Alabama to see Roy's collection. As I walked down the rows of beautifully restored cars, I stopped in front of a blue 400A. My feet seemed as though they were stuck in cement. I couldn't stop looking at this Beauty. Roy said that I could buy it, but it took a month to make it all happen. Needless to say, I am thrilled to own her. It is a pleasure to be a part of the A400 Group. Earl and Marty Fairbanks

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