Tony & Diane Bernat


I spent my first fifty years in New Jersey. Diane was born in suburban Chicago. We met in Greenville, SC after having our first conversation, by phone, on Valentine's Day,1988. She was a realtor and she sold me my first southern home. We were married December 28, 1991. I have four children and three grand children. In the past I have owned a few desirable cars. My first, in 1959, was a 1930 Ford business coupe with a perfect body and fenders. My other cars were 1956 Ford Sunliner, 1960 Chrysler 300F, 1964 Chevrolet SS, 1931 Ford 400A, 1965 Mustang GT, 1969 Camaro RS/SS. For my move to South Carolina, I couldn't bring them all down, so I chose to bring the 400A. I have been the owner of this TREASURE since 1965. I purchased it out of the upper peninsula of Michigan. I flew into Chicago, then took a bus to the car location. At the time of purchase the odometer showed 44,376 miles. Old oil stickers on the door jam indicated the mileage to be correct. I took the owner at his word, he said I could drive it home to NJ, so it took three days to get home. There were no problems. Many years went by as I enjoyed driving it, basically, as I bought it. During that time I purchased NOS fenders and a few goodies. This was a to be body off restoration. As I removed the body and webbing from the frame, I was surprised to see the top side of the frame was shiny black. It was a perfect frame. Many hours were spent disassembling every nut and bolt during the chassis restoration. It was completed in the fall of 1998. The body restoration started in 1999 and was finished in the spring of 2000. All sheet metal is original and the right front welled fender and two rear fenders are NOS. This car, except for the WWW tires, inside Boyce motor meter and trunk, looks as it did when it left the factory. It's a joy and a pleasure to drive and share this unusual car with all who are interested on the road and at the meets.

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