Joop & Marlies Plaggenborg

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Our life with Model A's. I became involved with Model A's in the 70s in my native Holland. My grandfather had them in the 30s and 40s, using them to vend vegetables. On my way to school in the 60's, I rode my bike by a car lot owned by a taxi company that also did weddings and had 12 Model A's lined up on this lot.. so I saw Model A's each day. I bought my first Model A in Denmark - a 1931 Tudor that I worked on it for 10 years. I subsequently connected with an American who worked for Polaroid (in Holland) and who was restoring a 1931 Roadster; we became good friends. He taught me about judging standards and the finer aspects of restoring. I started dating his daughter; we were subsequently married in 1985 and moved to America, bought a '31 pickup and 28 years and many Model A's later we're still married and still loving the cars as well! It's "A" great hobby!!! Joop and Marlies Plaggenborg

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