Timothy O'Brien

(508) 730-7461

Body #3629 was discovered at a local college in 1959 being used as part of a "Keystone Cops" routine during football game half times. One of our local club members spotted it there and was able to purchase it from the fraternity that owned it. He stored the car until 1990 when I acquired it from him. Despite being somewhat abused during it's time at the college, the car was in remarkably good shape and retained all of it's unique body parts and original upholstery. The engine and frame numbers match. I collected as many NOS parts as I could find (including the fenders) and began the restoration in the mid 1990's. The car had minimal rust and required only partial wood replacement. The mechanics were thoroughly worn out with each component requiring a complete rebuild. The car is aqua and grey green in color and has a LeBaron-Bonney interior.

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