The 1931 Model A Ford
Convertible Sedan

What is the A-400 Group?
The A-400 Group is an association of admirers of the 1931 Model A Ford Convertible Sedan.  The A-400 club was formed in the mid-1950’s and was chartered as a MAFCA Chapter in 1974.  The group is spread across the USA and several other countries around the world.  The club functions are to publish a newsletter, maintain an A-400 web site and to sponsor seminars at get-togethers at both MAFCA and MARC meets.  Our focus is to:

  • collect and publish information on the A-400
  • to maintain a roster of all known owners
  • to foster communication between A-400 owners

The A-400 story
(As published in the Nov/Dec 1966 issue of the Model “A” News.  Download.

  Member Benefits:
  • Website: The A-400 group's current website benefits include access to:
    1. a current newsletter
    2. historical documents
    3. parts prints and sketches
    4. Ford archive photos,
    5. hard-to-find A-400 parts
  • Seminars: Seminars and educational programs at the MARC and MAFCA National Meets.
  • Networking: This is always the most fun – networking with fellow A-400 owners.

The group President is John Cammack (pronounced “Kam-ick”): Email – Ph. 708 209 464-9123.

Vice President:
David Libbey Email: ph. 774-293-0085

Club Secretary and A-400 Group roster keeper:
Joop (pronounced “Yope”) Plaggenborg, the group's secretary, has assumed responsibility for keeping the A-400 roster.  Group members who have an A-400, please contact Joop and provide him with contact information: Email: – Ph. 508 361-1185.

Steve Rogers is in charge of the Groups Marketing: Email – Ph. 708 525-4424.

Click HERE to view the spectacular A400 Exhibit at the MARC National Meet at Lexington, KY., on June 26, 2013.

Technical Support Committee
A400 Group members seeking technical information in regard to restoration or technical data interpretation, please contact the Tech Committee Coordinator, Tim O’Brien: – (508) 431-6252. Additional Tech Committee support members include:  John Hash: –  (253) 833-9364, Bill Underwood: – (423) 886 4476, and Bill Edstrom: - (715) 686-7298. 

Webpage Management:
Art and Information Director, Mike Shotwell, 805 890-5113; Tech Director, Pat Tyler.

  1. Join Us - Application Form:
    To become a member of the A-400 Group, please download the membership application form from the link below, fill it out and mail with a check as instructed.
    Download the application Form (PDF)

Download Adobe Reader:  Many articles on this site are in PDF format.  In order to view these files, members will need to download Adobe Reader to your computer.  If you don’t already have a PDF reader, go to the following   Download Adobe Reader